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What You Need to Know About Music Therapy


Music therapy is a subject that has gained a lot of attention lately, especially after many research papers that proved its efficiency were published. If you do not know much about the topic, this inclusive article is just what you need, as it is packed with info that you need to know about the matter.


It is an accredited health care profession

Despite general beliefs, music therapy has been an accredited profession ever since the ‘50s. Therefore, it can only be conducted by those that have received the required qualifications. In the USA, there are currently around 5,000 board-certified music therapists whose services you can use.


It can benefit all, even healthy people

One thing that you might want to remember is that music therapy is not only meant to be utilized by musicians. In fact, most people that actually benefit from the assistance of certified musical therapists are regular people that have no links to music, professionally speaking.

On top of that, the specialists argue that music therapy is also suitable for healthy people as it can help them express feelings that they find challenging to put into words.


What does it imply?

A musical therapist generally works with a client to create/produce a piece of music. Therefore, on the one hand, it can be regarded as a process that results in the creation of a song, or the improvising of one. On the other hand, music therapy also implies a receptive process. To put it differently, during the therapy process, the therapist offers various listening experiences that might help the client relax or discuss certain feelings.

Musical therapy can be used in individual sessions as well as in group sessions, in accordance with one’s preferences.


It is effective

Numerous studies that have been published recently pointed out that music therapy is an effective method of treating patients. The reason why this form of treatment is efficient has to do with the fact that all people out there love expressing themselves through music. After all, we all have a couple of favorite songs that we feel speak a lot about who we are.

Moreover, music is said to help with lack of motivation, and it can affect us emotionally, spiritually, cognitively and even physically. According to researchers, music can stimulate brain waves and, thus, it can make people more alert.

Health benefits

When played in conjunction with one’s movements or words, music is said to help one improve his/her speech and even physical balance. Even more so, it can promote emotional healing, and it can supply the utilizers with a way to take their minds off the pain that they might be experiencing.

Music can always diminish the stress levels one might be feeling. Because of this, many licensed professionals work in various sectors such as schools, prisons or offices.


The new Led Zeppelin – Greta van Fleet


Controversy may be good or not so good for a new band, but for Greta van Fleet, the Michigan-based rock enterprise consisting of four members, it looks like the former. For many people, the first chords of Highway Tune are proof enough that Greta van Fleet sounds just like Led Zeppelin. However, the band members proved hesitant in admitting the influence the legendary group had on how they shaped their sound.


Robert Plant gives his approval

The young members of Greta van Fleet might have nothing to worry about, though, no matter how much some may want to accuse them of being nothing but a rip-off of Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant, the Led Zep singer, practically gave his blessing, in a 2018 interview.

Especially regarding Josh Kiszka’s voice, Plant says that the newcomer learned from the best. At the same time, the rock legend doesn’t condemn the similarities that many people see between Greta van Fleet and Led Zeppelin.

So it seems that no matter how much some might have tried to turn this into a controversy that was supposed to sign a costly bill for fame for the post-millennial rock band, with Robert Plant’s blessing, they will continue to sing and show what they are truly made of.


Not an overwhelming influence?

It looks like so far, the singer of Greta van Fleet tries to be a diplomat. Although he admits that Led Zeppelin was one of the influences that shaped up the band’s music, he also says that it’s not an overwhelming influence. Now that might make some audiophiles either doubt their ability to sense the sensible similarities between the two rock bands between which more than half of century of music lies, or make them decided to call out Josh Kiszka.


How did they receive Robert Plant’s seal of approval?

We live in a world where word travels fast. And seeing that we have smartphones, social media, and so many media outlets ready to transmit the latest tidbit of information at the speed of the fastest computers in the world, it’s no wonder that what Robert Plant said about Greta van Fleet reached the young musicians’ years.

While the singer Josh Kiszka was modest and tried to take the compliment offered generously by Led Zeppelin’s famous vocalist with the necessary humbleness dictated by the situation, his twin brother lightened up the air by telling him that he should be pleased seeing that Plant is some grumpy old Englishman.


The guitarist is a fan of Jimmy Page

While the entire group tried to downplay the similarities between them and the famous rock group, Josh’s twin, Jake, also the guitarist, admits that he is a big fan of Jimmy Page, but he was also influenced by other big names, like Jimmy Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.

With a new album in the works, Greta van Fleet has nothing to worry about. And seeing that Robert Plant doesn’t have a problem with them being influenced by Led Zeppelin, no one else should have one, either.


Music festivals to go to by the end of 2018


Music festivals have been an important part of the youngsters’ culture ever since the 1960s and they continued to grow in popularity by the decade. They represent the ultimate form of freedom combined with good music, friends, and non-stop partying. They are also a great place to experiment, meet new people from across the globe, and indulge in delicious foods that will ruin your diet and body goals.

Unfortunately, if you just decided to try this experience in 2018, find out that there isn’t too much time left. Some of the world’s most popular music festivals are already waiting for their 2019 edition, but there are still some hidden gems worth mentioning. Here are some of the festivals you can still go to if you hurry up and pack your bags.


Afropunk Fest (August 25-26)

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, the Afropunk Fest is a unique combination of music and fashion. It is perfect for those who put in a lot of effort to create the perfect festival outfit. The final festival to close the summer, Afropunk Fest will certainly gather plenty of interesting people, artists, and socialites.

Ibeyi, Janelle Monae, Jaden & Willow Smith or Daniel Caesar are just some of the people that will be attending the 2018 edition of Afropunk Fest.


Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival (September 22-23)

What better way to start the autumn if not with a great combination of good music, delicious local food, and fine arts? The festival takes place in Franklin, Tennessee, and this year’s line-up is an interesting combination of bands and singers.

Don’t miss the authentic festival experience and enjoy the concert of Justin Timberlake. The festival stages will be filled with southern blue artists, Nashville country enthusiasts, and plenty of popular indie-rock bands.


Austin City Limits Festival (October 5 -14)

If you thought good music festivals will be over by the end of the summer, you clearly need to learn a lot more about the American culture. Austin City Limits is a highly popular festival that gathers dozens of thousands of people every year. Last year’s amazing performance of rapper Jay Z certainly set the bar high so we’re looking forward to this year’s surprises that include Metallica, Travis Scott, Arctic Monkeys, Paul McCartney, and Disturbed.

The festival is perfect for people who listen to various music genres, from rap and dance to rock, country, and R&B.

And when you’re not watching the live performance of your favorite band or artist, you can have a taste of the famous Texan hospitality. The Food Court area includes a wide selection of traditional and international dishes, as well as various options for vegans.