Online resources for learning how to play a musical instrument


If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, playing a musical instrument is definitely a good way to spend your spare time. Unfortunately, it may take you longer to learn the basics of instruments once you pass a certain age but, as opposed to children, you have plenty of resources which you can rely on, other than expensive music lessons.

And, whether you’re thinking about the guitar, the piano, the cello or the mandolin, there are numerous online websites that can teach you how to play. Here are some of the most trustworthy, and you’ll only need time and determination to sound like a true pro in no time.

Start with the basics

Learning to play an instrument doesn’t occur overnight, no matter how devoted you are. You’ll still have to start with the foundation, especially if you don’t know anything about musical instruments in general. So, the best way to begin is by finding the right instrument for you.

If you’re a newbie, I suggest picking up drums, mandolins or electric keyboards. They are the easiest to learn and you’ll only require some good online tutorials.

Read Music Free is a great online resource to teach you the basics of music, especially how to read music sheets. There are plenty of useful tutorials that show you step-by-step how to reach different music notes and how to play using a sheet. All lessons are free and designed for beginners, so you shouldn’t have trouble following the instructions.


The most popular instruments

Keep in mind that opting for popular musical instruments gives you greater chances to find what you’re looking for in online tutorials. The guitar and the drums are by far the most in-demand instruments, so it comes as no surprise that dozens, hundreds of websites focus on offering free lessons for them.

If you’re choosing a less ordinary instrument such as the organ or the tuba, it might take you longer to get all the information you need from free Youtube videos. You might even have to pay to have access to quality tutorials taught by professionals, so you could just pick the regular classes with real teachers instead.

For drummers, Free Drum Lessons or Virtual Drumming are the most useful online resources. They are perfect for beginners and intermediate players who either want to learn the basics or expand their repertoires and improve their skills.

If you decided on a more classical instrument such as the violin, Violin Lab offers numerous lessons for all levels of musicians, along with useful explanations. All you’ll require is patience and a reliable violin (or electric violin).


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