What You Need to Know About Music Therapy


Music therapy is a subject that has gained a lot of attention lately, especially after many research papers that proved its efficiency were published. If you do not know much about the topic, this inclusive article is just what you need, as it is packed with info that you need to know about the matter.


It is an accredited health care profession

Despite general beliefs, music therapy has been an accredited profession ever since the ‘50s. Therefore, it can only be conducted by those that have received the required qualifications. In the USA, there are currently around 5,000 board-certified music therapists whose services you can use.


It can benefit all, even healthy people

One thing that you might want to remember is that music therapy is not only meant to be utilized by musicians. In fact, most people that actually benefit from the assistance of certified musical therapists are regular people that have no links to music, professionally speaking.

On top of that, the specialists argue that music therapy is also suitable for healthy people as it can help them express feelings that they find challenging to put into words.


What does it imply?

A musical therapist generally works with a client to create/produce a piece of music. Therefore, on the one hand, it can be regarded as a process that results in the creation of a song, or the improvising of one. On the other hand, music therapy also implies a receptive process. To put it differently, during the therapy process, the therapist offers various listening experiences that might help the client relax or discuss certain feelings.

Musical therapy can be used in individual sessions as well as in group sessions, in accordance with one’s preferences.


It is effective

Numerous studies that have been published recently pointed out that music therapy is an effective method of treating patients. The reason why this form of treatment is efficient has to do with the fact that all people out there love expressing themselves through music. After all, we all have a couple of favorite songs that we feel speak a lot about who we are.

Moreover, music is said to help with lack of motivation, and it can affect us emotionally, spiritually, cognitively and even physically. According to researchers, music can stimulate brain waves and, thus, it can make people more alert.

Health benefits

When played in conjunction with one’s movements or words, music is said to help one improve his/her speech and even physical balance. Even more so, it can promote emotional healing, and it can supply the utilizers with a way to take their minds off the pain that they might be experiencing.

Music can always diminish the stress levels one might be feeling. Because of this, many licensed professionals work in various sectors such as schools, prisons or offices.


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